Fantaghirò 3
Year released 1993
Directed by Lamberto Bava
Written by Gianni Romoli
Music by Amedeo Minghi
Editing by Piero Bozza
Film series
Previous Fantaghirò 2
Next Fantaghirò 4

Fantaghirò 3 or Cave of the Golden Rose 3 is the third movie in the Fantaghirò series. It was released in 1993. The story is about Fantaghiro's quest to save her beloved Romualdo from a curse, by hunting down the wizard Tarabas who is responsible for the spell.

Plot Edit

Cast and charactersEdit

  • Fantaghirò - Alessandra Martines
  • Xellesia - Ursula Andress
  • Romualdo - Kim Rossi Stuart
  • Smeralda - Elena D'Ippolito
  • Tarabas - Nicholas Rogers
  • Dark Witch - Brigitte Nielsen
  • Catherine - Barbora Kodetová
  • Caroline - Katerina Brozová
  • Bolt - Lenca Kubálková
  • Lightning - Jakub Zdenek
  • Queen of the Elves - Anna Geislerová
  • No Eyes - Karel Polisenský
  • Beetlebub Witch - Marie Spurná
  • Mouldy Witch - Jitka Moravka
  • Gnome - Josef Zeman
  • Gnome - Zdenek Sklenar
  • Gnome - Marketa Petrackowa
  • Gnome - Jirí Krytinár
  • Gnome - Jana Musilova
  • Gnome - Robert Kryl
  • Gnome - Alena Palarcikova

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